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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Time for Kenya to make History

So Kenya goes to the polls today with fresh memories of the 2007 post electoral violence, tensions high but hope in the horizon for a 'new start' and this time round Kenyans get to choose the kind of  future they want for Kenya. 

Personally, and rightfully so, I believe that the proposed constitution has fundamental flaws. Some flaws warrant more attention than others for example, the Kadhi's courts being entrenched in the constitution thereby giving a clear advantage of Islam as a religion over other religions in Kenya. The ideal would have been to present a flawless document for the vote but this is not the case. 

My values would never allow me to conform to the majority's opinion and I believe that this document is flawed. However, considering the resources that have been input in the referendum process, and the time that Kenya has waited for change, I vote in favor of the new constitution on condition that the Yes & No teams work together to amend the contentious issues that stand out.  

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